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Our own (plug and play) motion software will be delivered for free to every customer including three free plugins.

Nevertheless, our simulators can also be used with SimTools software.

The software listed below can be downloaded or sent to you after purchasing a simulator.

  • Simulator (CH341SER) driver
  • Infinite Move - Motion Manager Software
Will be sent by email after purchasing a simulator
  • Life for Speed (Demo game)
  • Description file
  • Three Plugins
     - F1 2018
     - Life For Speed
     - American Truck Simulator

Additional software
Here we would like to draw your attention to two other software.
Caution! We accept no liability for external software.

This software allows you to play older games, or those that don't have native VR support, in VR. We think native VR games are working better, but this is an option that we prefer over a monitor or TV.
Further information can be found in the link below or google on the internet for "VorpX".

X360 controller emulator
Games that do not support steering wheel or H.O.T.A.S., can be enabled with this software.
If you are interested, you can find more information on the Internet. Just google "X360 Controller Emulator".

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