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Social Media Test

Here we want to talk about the users who have not yet had the opportunity to try out a motion simulator.

In April 2016 we released a model of our prototype on YouTube to check how people's knowledge of motion simulators is.

It should not sound negative now but after this test we see that about 80% of people do not know how a simulator should work well.

This video we have set shows just a wrong function of a simulator. Nevertheless, we got 78 thumbs up and 15 thumbs down (Dezember 2018). The people who have thumbs down are right! This simulator is not working properly. The movements are way too strong too fast and inaccurate.

It is important that a 2DOF simulator indicates movements with small but also precise steps. Large movements in such simulators are irrelevant and even unpleasant.

Please check on the right side. This short movie shows you how a simulator should NOT work.

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