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An important point that every customer should think about is the service.

Although our simulators are made from very good components, like all other simulators they have wearing parts that have to be replaced after a while.
In order to be able to help you further, we would like to build worldwide partner networks who work together with us to be able to help every customer if necessary.


Our partners worldwide

  • Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)
  • China
  • Indonesa
  • Japan
  • Poland


Our guarantee is as follows
3 months: wear parts such as (engine brushes, gearbox)
1 year: Electronics parts such as (power supply unit, sensors, motor drivers)
2 years: all other parts or running time of 2500 hours

If we do not have a partner company in the respective country who can fix broken parts, it is possible to send the defective parts to us for replacement in order to replace them yourself or to send the entire simulator to us for repair.
Shipping costs in both directions are borne by the customer.

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