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Our company I'VE "INFINITE MOVE" deals with motion simulation for various applications.
These are among others for computer applications, virtual reality and entertainment media.

After a few years of experience, development time and passion for this technology, we now want to offer it to the private user.

In recent years, we have developed few models that you can use for the private as well as in the business field. Attention was paid to size, functionality, quality, price and service.

We would like to offer this technology to many private users and thus spread the next era of hardware.

Due to the high cost of this technology our competition, motion simulators have been denied to most people until now. We want to change that and make you an offer that will amaze you.


Important points that you should pay attention to can be found in the SERVICE and INFO section.
If you have further questions about our website does not provide information. Please contact us.

Attention! It is important to us to present our customers with real life pictures, video and sound materials.
We do not want let you see fake generated computer media or advertising videos that do not show the reality.
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