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General information


Center of gravity
One of the most important parts in simulators is the gearbox. If the weight is shifted incorrectly, the transmission suffers a lot and wear and tear occurs more quickly.
Please align the weight as best as possible. The center of gravity should be on the center joint located under the seat.

VR dizziness feeling
Many of our Infinite Move team people initially suffered from dizziness and cold sweat in VR.
However, we have found that we are getting used to this technology. If you continuously use the VR glasses, the dizziness feelings and sweat outbursts will decrease over time.
In our opinion, this little ordeal is worth it, as playing in VR in conjunction with a motion simulator and good Force Feedback steering wheel or H.O.T.A.S. is an unforgettable experience.

Sport seat
Seats are generally advisable only for our partners since the limitation of shipping cost.
We recommend for individuals to buy a sports seat or one according to their desire in the respective country where you are. 
Due to the high shipping costs, this is an advantage for single simulator shipment .
Please kindly notice that in our constructions, there are standard openings for all kinds of seats and easy for installation.

Sport belts
Sport belts are not intended for safety. Rather, they are there for to give every user a small pressure on their body during the simulator movements.

Display and controls
In order to have impressive experiences with a motion simulator, we strongly recommend you.
At least three monitors a 27 "inch or a TV 50" inch or VR glasses that immerse you completely in the digital world. For racing games use a Force Feedback Steering Wheel or high quality H.O.T.A.S. for flight simulators.
If you plan to use a gamepad and a small monitor, it is not recommended to invest in a motion simulator.

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